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Date: SUNDAY, JULY 21, 2002
Location: Backside of Sonoma County Airport on Windsor Road
Directions: West on River Road from 101. Right on Slusser Road. Right on Windsor Road. Straight into gate.
Time: Set-up 8:00 A. M. Runs start 10:00 A.M.
Cost: $25.00 per driver (Plus) work when not running (no food or water available)
Rules: No loud exhaust, 92-decibel limit strictly enforced. Please drive safely and quietly, so as not to upset the local residents. This is a member’s only event, but associate membership will
be available at event.

You can buy an associate membership for $28 (so I was told). The higher cost is because they lost the fairgrounds in petaluma and now are at the more expensive SR airport.
The course is supposed to be around 1.5 minutes in length. Sometimes any one before 8am that helps sets up gets one extra morning run.
Usually get 2 to 3 official morning runs, and 2 to 3 fun runs after lunch.
Usually just 2 run groups.
Can run most anything (just like a scca auto-x). There is a tech inspection. Expect a few Type-Rs, Zs, Corvettes, and cameros. The Rotus should also be there again.
I intend to be there also.

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Well, we had a pretty good turn out. I think between 30 and 40 cars/drivers showed up. A number of cars and drivers swapped.
It appears that there will be 3 more auto-x this year at santa rosa airport (aug, sept, & oct). I and/or Yoda will post dates and info.
It was a longer course than I was used to. Having only attended 3 previous auto-x, and each of those being short 30 second courses.
There were 3 WRX sedans (2 blue, 1 silver), an outback wagon, a silver RS, and my blue RS.
I believe best time was I do not know if anyone got more than high 50s.
My first run was 48.2xx, second was 47.225. My fun runs were 47.5 and 48.3 (around there).
There were some beautiful spinouts. And one wipeout. Of course the fox body mustang and the second gen 300z fought hard to see which could entertain the most. Woah, almost forgot the camaro SS's incredible spinout just in front of the timer, and the reverse roll thru to finish, very nice.
It was also nice to see the 1985? vw gti take sweepers on 3 wheels!
The thing that scared me the most was when my cousin, in his modified SI, almost bat my best time! Luckily he hit a cone!
My uncle took some footage. My 8mm cam is supposed to allow me to capture from 8mm to computer. Hopefully I will find some host for the videos. If I cannot capture (I have never done it). Maybe someone can with either vhs or 8mm? I can send/drive them to you.
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