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03 Impreza 2.5RS. AWP
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Hey folks! I have a bunch of parts mainly from a 96 Impreza Brighton 1.8 MT and 96 Impreza L 2.2 MT (Both 2dr) that I'm looking to get rid of. I'm willing to ship everything, unless stated next to the item. All parts are located in Magalia, CA which is about 30min from Chico. For local buyers, I can drive as far as Chico for pickup. I get off work around 5:30pm weekdays. PM for PayPal addy.


Brighton had 122k on the clock
L has 156k on the clock

The L interior was originally Tan which I sprayed black, has chipped all over in the last 2 years.

The Brighton interior pieces are factory dark gray.

I'm still getting my PayPal linked to my bank, so it will be up and running soon. I accept Cashier's Check, Money Order, Cash and PayPal (not necessarily in that order!)
All photo's are stored @ THIS address.

List of parts:[/COLOR]
96 L door cards. Sprayed in black vinyl paint. (May need a sand and fresh re-coat depending on how anal you are) - $40+ shipping**PENDING**

96 Brighton Grille. May also need a sanding job and re-spray. One inner tab is broken. (Check the pics) - $15 + shipping

96 Brighton front seatbelts. Great condition, no damages - $25 + shipping

05 STi Rear passenger side seat belt (both ends). Functions properly - $10 + shipping

96 Brighton MAF complete box. Works fine - $25 + shipping

93-01 Impreza corner lenses. Passenger side is undamaged, driver side has tape stuck to it which is removable. I'm not sure why it's on there. :lol: The weather stripping on that one is brittle and is breaking apart. - $30+ shipping

96 Brighton A/C Condenser w/ driver side hose and fitting attached. Worked just fine prior to pull, unused since. $50+ shipping

93-01 OEM Passenger side mudflap. Has scrapes, but still functions! - Offer

96 L Passenger door inside latch cover. - Offer

96 Brighton Throttle Position Senser. Excellent condition. - $40 shipped

96 Brighton Gauge cluster surround. Excellent condition, no damage. Does not come with the hazard and rear defrost switches. ( Will sell or include for $10 each) - $20 + Shipping

96 L Radiator Fans w/ uncut harnesses. Excellent condition. $40 + shipping for both, $20 per**PENDING**

96 L Driver / Passenger complete door sills. Excellent condition, spray paint chipped, no damage. - $25 per side, $45 for both + shipping

96 L Struts w/ springs, tophats. Not sure if they are blown or not, but I can't push them down with my body weight. - $40 for all four, $10 per. I will separate and disassemble for specific part interest.

96 Brighton Dash w/ Airbag. The cluster area is broke in one spot as seen in the pic. Easy fix. Will not ship! $50 picked up

96 Brighton complete Hubs, break calipers, rotors, pads. The barrings in these hubs feel brand new. Pads are like new, rotors look fairly new $35 per hub, $15 per rotor, $10 per brake assembly. I will ship these!

96 L all metal belt shroud that sits over the engine pulleys. Excellent condition w/ clean OEM sticker. - $20 shipped

93+ SOHC OEM replacement plug wires from the brighton. Tested on a continuity tester and they all read perfect. - $20 shipped

93+ Radiator Overflow tank w/ cap and drain hose. Excellent condition, has paint overspray on the outside. - $20 shipped

96 L Window crank handles. Excellent condition w/ chipping paint. $15 shipped**PENDING**

96 L Rear interior side panels. Minor paint chips on the edges. Great condition. $40 + shipping**PENDING**

Genuine JDM SYMS emblem. Excellent condition, w/ some paint missing. $40 shipped

Impreza L AWD emblem. Excellent condition, very MINOR scuffs in the lettering. $10 shipped**PENDING**

Dupli-Color Glacier White scratch fix paint. I've had this for a few years and just cracked the seal last a few days ago to see if it was still usable. No dried paint, basically brand new. Offer

Non Subaru:

Targa Laptop carrying case. LOTS of storage and pockets inside. Never used! $30 shipped

Thanks for looking!!! :banana:

03 Impreza 2.5RS. AWP
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getting off work soon bump!

radiator fans and AWD emblem pending sale.
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