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Always been a big fan of the 98-01 Impreza coupes and am now in search of one. I thought i had one over the weekend. Had everything lined up to go look at one about 10 minutes from where my girl lives and someone flew in an bought it an hour before i went to see the car! So I am still on the hunt. Looking for a black or blue RS Coupe 5 speed.

Always had performance vehicles - Camaros, Mustangs, Grand Prix GTP... Recently sold my 09 Pontiac G8 GT. Still working on my other project - 89 Supra Turbo. My daily driver is a 92 silverado step side 350/5 speed and isn't a very economical one, so i felt it was time to begin the search for my 2.5 RS 5 speed coupe!

I'm familiar with boards so noob rules I am familiar with. Active member on fullsizechevy, supramania,, g8boards, and now hopefully!So hello all! :burnout:
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