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No one cares about those damn GC8 2.5RS anymore

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look at that link, the title of that post is, "check out these tite rims for your WRX!!" hey, what's that suppose to mean? huh? am i reading between the lines or something? wheels that would fit the WRX would fit GC8 2.5RS, and would fit other subarus too. sorry guys, i gotta rant, that post just got the spot. and we are the damn ones that made the WRX possible in the US.

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That yellow WRX looks like a Beetle - all smooshed. :sunny:
Hence this forum ;-)

Michael Olds
Da Lufty
Love the GC8

I bought my GC8 Last October and have not regretted it for a minute. In my opinion the GC8s are the sweetest looking Subarus ever made. Im really glad that I live in Montana, because I dont have to deal with all of those damn WRXs' rolling around, I feel really bad for all of you that live in the larger cities and have to see those turbo neons all the time.:boxer:
Re: Love the GC8

DoodieHead said:
I feel really bad for all of you that live in the larger cities and have to see those turbo neons all the time.
:lol: :lol: LMAO! Seriously, don't insult the Neon like that, it's just ugly, not fugly like the WReX
Everyone knows the GC8's rule. The WRX's just get in there and try and start pushing us around cause they have the numbers on us:) And is there anyone who thinks the WRX looks better?? I mean ANYONE! Even none Subie owners would agree. I hear that 9 out of 10 retirees think the GC8's look better. It's no contest.

Nick C.
"yo check out de's phat rimz for my rex with the 5000 lb. stereo that I play the new limp bizkit CD on"

bahahah!! we're all defecting!! :)
Its better over here..less static and bull shit about my WRX is sooo phat..btw its also sooooooo stock.:stupid:
No one care???

To quote Luke Skywalker (the Star Wars Character, not the rapper)

"I care"
There is a rapper called luke skywalker!? How Lame!!

Anyways.. I care!
Well, he just goes by Luke now, he had to drop the Skywalker part because Lucas was going to sue him or something. He was a member of 2 Live Crew, and is now solo. GC8 Rules!:D
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