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Nice peddles and floormats

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I am looking for some nice chrome peddles for my MY99 impreza. Not something ricey (can we use that here?) that glows in the dark or anything just some nice chrome peddles with blue accents if possible. I am also looking for some floor mats other than the stock ones although I may get a set for sunny days. The only ones I have seen from MoMo and such have the diamond plating for the heel, which I really don’t care for.
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WRX pedals all the way ! I put mine on yesterday... they kick ass :) I couldn't justify spendin $100+ on pedals...or pedals with pink dots for that matter. I want a WRX steering wheel now :)

I talked to some guy about 2 weeks ago that was getting a JDM WRX dead pedal for like $40 from somewhere, but I never got from where out of him :(
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