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Next Suspension Mod???

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I've got a 20mm RSB and AGX/Eibach struts/springs.

What should I do next???

Tax time is coming up and I want to get some parts for the Scooby. :D

Along with the parts, please tell me how it will enhance the performance of my car.


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depends on how much the tax return is and if you want to keep the AGX/Eibach combo or upgrade to coilovers.

so far you have the same set up as I do. If I were you I'd get the STi tranny/motor mounts. I've been told the tranny mount can make your car shift smoother. Mine will go in when I can get a little time.

thinks left to do for suspension:
strut tower bars-stiffen things up a little more
new poly bushings all around- a little tighter all around
adjustable rear lateral links-for the serious racer, can adjust camber
STi or other pillow ball mounts-stronger & some have camber adjustability
and I'm sure there is more, but I can't think of any right now
I knew I missed a few, ALK and end links :bot:

and if you want some help:rolleyes: installing anything I'll be moving up there this spring.
I just got my STi mounts from Teague's received them 3 days after ordering. It is just hard to find those in stock anywhere and he might be sold out already. He should have some of the other stuff too.
and for MRT,
try Mastro Subaru they sell MRT stuff
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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