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Next Suspension Mod???

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I've got a 20mm RSB and AGX/Eibach struts/springs.

What should I do next???

Tax time is coming up and I want to get some parts for the Scooby. :D

Along with the parts, please tell me how it will enhance the performance of my car.


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Will you be autocrossing your car, or no, and if you are do you plan on racing in STS? If you do you can't use the Anti-Lift Kit, or the upgraded tranny and motor mounts. I think the best mod I have ever done to my car was the upgraded rear bar and the second best was the Short Shifter and bushing combo. They made a huge difference, especially on the track. Good tires will also make a huge difference in how the car handles and responds.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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