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newbie question

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Although I can't wait for the kit to come out... I do want to templar to take his time developing and testing the kit.

In the meantime, what kind of things should a newbie do to prepare his car for the supercharger kit?

I have a 2002 2.5RS that I bought last summer so obviously I want my car to last awhile and that's a top priority.

What kind of things should I do now? Everything on the car is stock. New exhaust sys? Clutch? Fuel system upgrade?

I don't think anyone can be too cautious when preparing a vehicle for forced induction.
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New exhaust sys? Clutch? Fuel system upgrade?
Those are three things that will need to be upgraded to get the most from Templars SC kit, or any FI kit, for that matter. You could also get some good tires on there, and do some suspension work. Either a full coil-over setup, or maybe just a bigger rear swaybar, solid endlinks, and strut tower braces. Oh, and the SC kit will probably also need a fuel computer, and everyone seems to go with the APEXi S-AFC, so I guess you could get one of those, install it, and get familiar with it, so you know how to use it when Templar gets that kit out. Ayways, he talks about some of the upgrades that will/might be needed, and the ones you mentioned should do good. He did suggest staying away from the ACT clutch setup, too much grip. Unless you get a strengthened gearset for your tranny, which is something I'd really like to get before the SC goes on, but don't know if I want to spend $2k plus on the tranny if I don't have to. Anyways, guess i shopuld stop typing now, my hands are getting sore!:p Hope this helped!
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