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Hi. I recently bought a 2003 RS auto, mainly because of the handling. (Didn't have the cash for a WRX) It's sites like this (well, to be honest, this site, as it seems to be the most informative) that I got the thing, since I was very unhappy with the initial amount of acceleration that I got. I'm used to my old Grand Prix coupe, and that thing would push you back in your seat when you floored it. Point is, I figured that I could get the power I wanted on top of the handling I loved through the aftermarket modding. Problem being, that I'm better at identifying and fixing parts on people than I am at parts on cars. (I'm an ex-EMT. And frankly, if a person breaks down on the side of the road, there's a much better chance that I'm going to have to take it "back to the shop" rather than getting it up and running right there.) So I've browsed what seemed like every relevant thread on this forum, and I've still got a few questions. So, I'd appreciate it if y'all would indulge a poor newbie.

The Ganz CAI seems to be the best bet for immediate horsepower. Would wrapping the thing in insulating tape provide an even bigger improvement? Also, where does the intake go, exactly? Are there going to be any water/snow inhalation issues?

I'd love to redo the pulley system, since that seems like another big gain to hp, but are there any warranty issues there? How about general durability? And while Alabama high school football and Ft. Leonard Wood have greatly increased my heat tolerance, how much of a hit am I going to take in the A/C department. I can deal with an underpowered airconditioner in trade for an overpowered car, I'd just rather not do away with it altogether.

Exactly what is a header? And should I even be thinking about eventually installing it myself if I can only make an educated guess about where it is on the car? (It's the part that little kids draw, right?)

Probably looking at eventually reworking the exhaust, adding a high-performance air-filter as well. Any other suggestions as far as low end power?

Btw, I love the smilies. I'm going to have use this one, just because I can.

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