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Please bear with me, i am sure this site gets tons of these redundant(spelling?) questions.

1) Does scoobysport make a muffler/exhaust system for a myo1 2.5 rs? There site says they don't but have they updated???

2)I have done extensive research on wrx's(i was gonna get one, but now i am not.The headlights bug me and i don't wanna be another jump on the bad wagon person. I am like this with whatever I do. I like to be differnent and not follow the crowd. Plus, modding a my01 sounds like fun!) but not much on my01's. I know that cai's are basically useless on thw wrx, but what about the my01. Is it worth wild to spend the $ on a cia or just get a k&n panel filter?

3)What are good sport exhausts for the my01? I have no clue.
4)is turbo'ing the my01 recomened? WIll it blow up the car?
5)Are there any reprogramable ecu chips worth wild for the my01(i know the turboxs/vishnu unichips work wonders for the wrx's)?
6)if the turbo is an option, should i upgrade cams and other internals and what kind of boost controll will i need? Will the turboback exhausts designed for the wrx fit on aftermarket turbo kits??? Will a tmic be needed for a turboed my01?will the mrt tmic work? Even with a front tower bar?

Sorry about the length but i have a ton of questions and like to learn as much info as possible so i don't look like an idiot.;)

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1. I'm pretty sure that the my'00 and my'01 exhaust systems are the same.

2. You will notice an increase in power with the addition of a CAI. I installed a Ganzflow, and I think it was a worthwhile investment. People usually say that the Cobb intake will make more power, but I decided to go with the lower priced Ganz because I will be turboing, eventually.

3. I'd say the 3 most well know exhausts are the Brullen, Stromung, and Scoobysport. I went with the Scoobysport because I haven't read any complaints about them, besides that maybe they're too loud, which I disagree with, I think it sounds perfect. A bit expensive though.

4. Not if done properly. Keep the boost low.

5. Not too sure on this one, but it seems like anything you do to a my'00 or my'01 fuel/spark maps, the ECU will just "learn" its way around it.

6. See the Forced Induction section under Car Werks, there's allot of info there, or see the aftermarket turbo section at that other club... forgot was it was called.

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1. 00 is identical to 01, and Scoobysport does make a muffler that will fit, Subie Gal has one on her 01 coupe.

2. CAI definitely worth it, especially with a high-flow filter! And the reasons you mentioned for not getting the WRX are the same reasons I had for not getting an Integra/Celica when I was new-car shopping.

3. I have the Stomung exhaust on my car, and love it. Not as loud as the Scoobysport (which is a touch too loud for me), but has a great sound, and supossedly the highest gains (maybe 5hp.) But if you get one, get a stainless steel, the mild steel rusts too easily.

4. 5-8 PSI with proper fuel delivery, and you're beating WRX's.

5. None that I know of. S-AFC is the closes thing, but ECU will lear around all your settings, except for the WOT.

6. Depends on how much boost you want to run. Keep it lower, stock will work. But if you want to make it even better, check out Cobb, he has several sets of cams for the RS. TMIC is very usable, make the scoop functional. One guy used a stock WRX TMIC in his RS. And as for the front stut tower bar, some will clear a TMIC, some won't, so that's something to keep in mind when shopping for one. I believe the factory one will clear most IC's.

Two places with lots of stuff for the 2.5RS:

First one has the GanzFlow CAI, which I have and love. Second one has the Cobb CAI, which gives a touch more power than the Ganz, but at about twice the price. Actually, Larry Ganz (guy who owns also sells the Cobb, and he's a great guy to deal with and buy from. Poke around the sites, too, lots of stuff there. OK, my hands hurt, time to stop typing!:D
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