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Technically, you also need an amber side reflector on the front of the car, and you lose that when you put the clear corner on, but I've never heard of anyone getting ticketed for it, and I've never had a problem. I have blueish bulbs in my clear corners (wanted a bright white to much the headlights, but this was all they had. I hate the blue!), but am thinking of running amber bulbs in there. I've seen it, and it looks pretty good, plus you don't have the problem of the corner lights not being as bright as the headlights.

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I think PIAA makes SuperWhite bulbs for our corner bulbs. The car that I bought had superwhites in the headlights and fogs, and the corners match almost perfectly. I don't have clear corners, just the stock corners. But one day my superwhite headlights burnt out, so I'm back to stock headlights, and the corners are definitely more of a bluish white than the stock headlights.


PS: I agree with the reflector issue, and also on the nobody being pulled over for it.

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Well.. .I've looked a bunch of cars since I first posted this and found several, including toyota and mistubishi that don't have either side or front yellow markers aside from an amber bulb for the blinker. My side lights are blinkers and I have amber bulbs in them and if I get the clear fronts I'll just do xenon superwhites to match my head and fog lights :) Thanks for all the input :)
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