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new t-shirt

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i here jamie is getting above i-club and legalities over this so i will temporarily drop the pic of the back until i find out.
stay tuned for details
I WANT ONE!! :biggest: :drool: :flame:
Philly Region SCCA :nuetron: :flame: Love it LIVE IT :p :checkit:
yea i like that should of said like somthign abou trs25 what better or somthign but still like it and would buy it!
it's too bad both my threads with it got deleted in i-club...go figure

maybe jamie didn't like it
Give her a portion of the profits and she might not mind so much! :lol:
took picture down of back of shirt, i was just informed that she may be getting myself and the shirt wearer in trouble above i-club (law wise).

oh well :rolleyes:
Tough road to 'Ho

She will have a tough road to 'Ho (no pun intended). The picture was on her public website. Some people have no sense of humor.
You gotta love the "double standard" she sets. Some people think that they are "untouchable".:checkit:
:lol: Hahaha... I wanna know what the back looks like!
can i post it back up mr RS25?
Um... let's just stick to the front for now, okay? Thanks! :biggest:
well, at least YOU know how nice a shirt it was :D
ummm, do you have a link to it??

how about emailing me what it looks liek hahaha....i am dying!
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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