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My friend is one of the founders, and could really use any user feedback, comments, or input. so i call upon the fellow suby bretheren :)

some background:

Ive been using this website as my primary source of streaming tv episodes for a couple weeks now. Its a video website composed of tv show episodes, movies, and other videos. What's unique about sidereel, though, is that it is completely user editable - like wikipedia. This way, the latest episodes can be posted, and broken links can be fixed by any user. Also, people can post any kind of link (not just video), so some pages have links to torrent downloads, and dvd's to buy (kind of useless imo). It only launched 6 weeks ago, so the community is still growing, but I think the concept behind it is great. One thing though- I feel like the success of this website is really dependent on user participation... which could be good or bad.

Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think. My friend and his colleagues would really appreciate the input.

Thanks in advance
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