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New stereo installed!

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I got my Aiwa CDC-MP32 mp3/CD deck installed a few weeks ago and I finally got around to taking some pics. Great unit for the price including 30 character ID3 tag support and front aux jack for plugging in other portable players (which i have two). Here are some pics, lemme know what you think :D

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Very nice. :) I have a Kenwood MP3 myself, but I like the blue of your Aiwa. You spoke of a good price but did not mention one, how much was it?
what's under the unit? what took up the extra room? is it a panel or is it the cd tray kinda thing? If it's the cd storage tray kinda thing where did you get it from.. sorry for all the questions i'm just intriqued. Looks like a nice install. heh clean car.

Very nice.. The installer just added a little cubby take up space. Any professional will do that.
The accessory lights look so sharp that they look as if they were drawn in afterwards. :eek:
shyguy said:
The accessory lights look so sharp that they look as if they were drawn in afterwards. :eek:
I didn't notice that before.. what kind of camera is that?? :eek:
That 'pocket' is a stock GC8 part that i had to order thru my Subaru parts dealer, cost me about $28 new.

The pictures look sharp only because i picked them out of 15 or so that i took, the rest blurry as hell cause i couldn't brace the camera well enough and keep it still for a long exposure digicam pic

I used a Fuji Finepix 1300 1.3 megapixel btw

I just installed a Rockford RFX-9000 mp3 player. It was $200 installed. The dealership gave me a storage bin for free when I was in for the O2 recall. I'm going to turn the storage bin around backwards, shorten it and mount my S-AFC on it.
Here some pics of the above stuff. I need to fill in the holes for now. The afc will be sliding over soon so I can put my egt guage next to it.
wow dude... That's going to look pretty sweet once those gaps are filled..

I've been looking into Panasonic players... I've heard some bad things about their quality though.
The only bad thing I heard about Panasonic HU's is that the display burned out on some of the newer ones. I have the prvious generation deck and the car audio circles I frequent all are quite high on them. I am curious to hear what you have heard about them that is so bad.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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