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ImprezaMan said:
Lovely setup, can you feel a noticeable change with the ss brake lines and the pads in terms of brake fade and/or braking distance?
I just did the 4-pots and SS lines all around as well on my car. To answer your question, the pedal feels just as mushy as before. It's hard to gauge whether it got better or worse. I definitely think there's a single stage booster in my future to make track days just a little better.

As for fade and distance, they have improved tremendously. I don't find myself standing on the brakes for emergency braking like I used to. The limited fade I've encountered has not been bad with the 4-pots either. Again, no track days so I don't know what real fade would feel like. Hope this helps.

Oh, and nice pics too. Teins are in my future (as soon as the credit card gets reimbursed).

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I just put everything on and the car has been up on jacks. I still neeed to do a full 3 step detail and my rear bumber cover is all off geting painted with the rear splats and also my hood bonnet is being paint matched as well. I can wait for carlisle.
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