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Well all The last month I have been collecting parts for my very own RS-T build.

This is pretty close to the total parts and prices I have come to;
STi Rods and Pistons- $400 Shipped
Piston Rings- $50
Cosworth Main & Rod Bearings-$150
Cometic HG- Still need to order
ARP headstuds-$200 shipped
VF39- $547 shipped (7500 miles on this)
STi Equal Length Header + up pipe - $300
Full 3" mandrel bent Turbo Back Exhaust - $224 SHIPPED!!
DeastchWerks 600cc Injectors - $300
Walbro 255 - $98
Intercooler - $106 shipped
FMIC piping - $100
Stage 3 clutch - $300
Light weight bumper beam - $127-ish
Turbo X member from Xtian- $143-ish
Turbo XS type H-RFL- $56 shipped (brand new)
Prosport Guages.. not sure what I paid
Pillar Gauge pod - $9.00 shipped (ebay)
Fuel Pressure Regulator - $72 (New Nasioc)
Hydra- lets just call it $2k

There are lots of other little parts I need to purchase like a boost controller, but this is after I get a good tune on 8PSI with the Hydra. I then will be running 15-18 PSI daily.

But enough writing, here are some pictures.

Me wrenching away

Installing Frount Mount, Found out it is too small and I cant get by withought a LW bumper beam.

Had a Few problems installing the first night, so I figured out my problems (was using the wrong hole).

I am awaiting my LW bumper beam so I can now install this:

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2000, subaru, 2.5 rs impreza,
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loooks good're going to need a gasket and seal set for the block rebuild though...dont know if u have it or not...just a heads up....
Got them all :)

Jeff how well does the hydra work for the auto tune? is it pretty slick shit?
Phil has a map set up for 520cc injectors and I have 600cc. So I am hopeing that everything will go by pretty smoothly... I will only be at 8psi untill I get it tuned, then 15 will be on its way... :)

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i like the autotune a lot....however its just a tool...and does not replace actual tuning....

what you want to do is turn the auto tune a few pulls..and then take a look at the logs and make sure it's actualy auto tuning....then smooth out the map and you're good to go....

its not hard and doesn't take long to get the hang of it....

timing is a different story though....
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