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NEW ON 2.5rs

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Hello guys im new here but any ways i was wondering if a 05 sti shift boot would fit on my 99rs...i am in need of a new one so i either want that or a zero sports..! thanks for your help
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also would like to ask if a 05 stil cluster goes in the 99 2.5 easy or is there cutting involved..! and what are the proceedures like along the lines of wiring and all that good stuff thanks..!
One thing I will request is to not make all your titles the same name.

As for the 05 STi cluster, it will fit and some people remove some of the plastic and others don't. Depends on the person. For wiring, I have no clue. I hate electrical work.
yea it will, but the top of the tach will be cut off a little bit if you are stuffing it in an RS dash. I have a full GD dash swap out of a wrx
ooops sorry wasnt even thinkin..! but that sounds pretty good but for the most part it sounds like it will go in good..! but the wiring isn't a hastle or anything..!
well that all depends as well. The harness for the most part is plug and play unless you have a jdm which is in km/h and then you need to convert it to mph
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