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New member here!

I'm going to be mid-century (50) in a few weeks. I may be older than most Scoobie owners but I've got a very clean MY98 RS, black, gold wheels (I know some people don't like them - they are traditional though), SuperTrapp exhaust, Momo shift knob (shortshifter and new performance brake pads are next) and not much else (except a cool trunk monkey, Louis). I have 2 sons that are really into cars - autocross but no ricers in the family. They keep me young and we have autocrossed together and talk and read about cars whenever we are together. I sacrificed with uncool cars for years when they were young and now I can enjoy myself.

Actually I bought the car used from my oldest son when he went to an ITR. We wanted to keep it in the family and it replaced a minivan that I promptly sold to him for his beater work car. See how that worked out nicely?

Anyway I was encouraged to come over to RS25 from that "other" board. I too was getting tired of being relegated to the bottom of the heap since I don't own a WRX. Hey they wouldn't even have that car if it wasn't for us RS folks! So far I'm glad I'm here. Seems like a good group and hopefully more mature. ;)

Looking forward to conversing with you all.
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Welcome! :) Do you whoop on your kids in autox? hehe ;)
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