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New member here!

I'm going to be mid-century (50) in a few weeks. I may be older than most Scoobie owners but I've got a very clean MY98 RS, black, gold wheels (I know some people don't like them - they are traditional though), SuperTrapp exhaust, Momo shift knob (shortshifter and new performance brake pads are next) and not much else (except a cool trunk monkey, Louis). I have 2 sons that are really into cars - autocross but no ricers in the family. They keep me young and we have autocrossed together and talk and read about cars whenever we are together. I sacrificed with uncool cars for years when they were young and now I can enjoy myself.

Actually I bought the car used from my oldest son when he went to an ITR. We wanted to keep it in the family and it replaced a minivan that I promptly sold to him for his beater work car. See how that worked out nicely?

Anyway I was encouraged to come over to RS25 from that "other" board. I too was getting tired of being relegated to the bottom of the heap since I don't own a WRX. Hey they wouldn't even have that car if it wasn't for us RS folks! So far I'm glad I'm here. Seems like a good group and hopefully more mature. ;)

Looking forward to conversing with you all.
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Hey welcome to the club. We have meet before through Paul but there are so many people in Lersoc that you might not remeber me. This board is so much more in tune with what Subaru is about. It would nice to see the ole 98 doing some auto-x this year. You could probably put up some better times than that yellow ITR. :lol: We keep trying to get Paul to run the minivan, but he wisely doesn't. I hope you like it here. I haven't heard anyone complain yet.
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