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New member.......old owner

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Hi. I just joined this club. I am not going to going back to i-club much anymore.....too many know-it-alls there.

So let's do something local. How about a get together that is near Ontario/ Chino/ Chino Hills/ Diamond Bar/ Yorba Linda area?

Something that does not last more than 12 hours.

You know, like a lunch get together for about 3-4 hours.

Seeya, ARG

Oh, almost forgot....99 Rally Blue 2.5 RS supercharged & intercooled. Lots and lots and lots of mods...

Regards, ARG
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Welcome aboard.

I am trying to organize something for the 24th. I want to have a small meet and then afew of us are going out in the dirt.

I'm open for suggestions.
Welcome Al!


I agree with you about I-Club, the place has seriouslt gone downhill, especially the SoCal Forum.
hey Al!

welcome to the club! it's been a while since i've seen ya around!

we should get a meet together!

ARG, good to see ya over here. Its bad when long time members like you decide to leave too. Oh well.. all good things eh?
Yep, tired of the i-club.....

Ok, I promise I won't bash the i-club. But you know, things have really got out of hand there. At least I can post a message here without someone telling me it's "politically incorrect" or "not nice".

Hopefully I don't have to worry about a moderator delteting my post without even telling me.

Also, one more thing......fuck the WRX. I'm tired of seeing it, hearing about it, smelling it.....and most of all, I'm tired of beating it. :D

I like my GC8 a lot. It is lighter, handles better, has less doors :biggest:

Would I buy a new WRXSTi? Sure, if I could strip it and put the drivetrain in my GC8.

Ok, enough about that. Let's have a get together as soon as possible.
i want to meet you guys and gals and this time try to remember your names. :eek:


ARG (the REALLY old Subaru guy)
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I haven't seen your car in ages.
Yeah let's have a meet with more GC8's.
Who wants to organize it?

You know my friend Branden I think. I hear that you had a super charged RS? Is this true? DETAILS PLEASE :biggest:

Yeah, I know Brandon Granthom. He's a nice fellow. He really knows his stuff. He quit Rimmer and now is the president of Kleemann North America. Kleemann GMBH builds supercharged intercooled high end Mercedes models. You can take a look here:

As far as pics go, I really need to take some new pics because of mods that I have done to the engine. I will take some tomorrow and post them.

Has anyone taken a good look at the new Nissan 350Z and the new Hyundai Tiburon? I like them both!

Later, ARG
I like the looks of the new Tiburon. I saw one driving down the freeway by their socal office about 2 months before they released any info on the car. It's too bad they ran into so many problems with the car before they released it. A freind of mine gets cars for free from them, they have made him wait because of the problems.
Some pics of my engine....

Ok, here are some old pics. I will take some new ones tomorrow.

This last pic is of a UK car with a 6 speed trans. I photo-"chopped" the shift pattern and got it wrong!!:D


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ARG...actually I was talking about a different Branden. Branden Ushijima. Do you remember him?

BTW, that supercharger is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. How do I buy one and where?
Supercharger kit.....

As far as I know, there is only ONE MORE kit left that is exactly like mine. Rimmer went out of business right after releasing the advanced stage II kit on the market.

I have only seen one other car like mine, and the guy lives in Colorado near Rimmers garage.

You can contact Brandon Grantham at the above link. Also I believe that Revolution Motorsports has one complete kit for sale. It is used but complete.

Good luck! If you find one I can help you with the nesessary modifications to make it work properly.

Regards, ARG
Nissan uses the same v6 in the Maxima, Altima, G35, and the 350Z. Stillen is doing a supercharger for them all. Hell, the Altima's chassis even has room for a driveshaft and rear diff. Hmmm.....
Re: Yep, tired of the i-club.....

ARG said:
Also, one more thing......fuck the WRX. I'm tired of seeing it, hearing about it, smelling it.....and most of all, I'm tired of beating it. :D
hahaha . . . that's great:D
I can't wait until I get my car faster than those stupid WRXs
Al, at least you can put them in their place until then :)

Welcome to!

by the way this is Mike from SEMA (the kid with the silver RS that almost stayed with you and Mark)
remember me?

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