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New member.......old owner

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Hello everyone. My name is Al Gainey and I have just joined this site. Why??? Because the i-club sucks ASS. Hey, can I say "ASS" without being moderated into silence?

Can I say "F U C K"?

How about......."COCK"?

Hey! This is great!!! I'm not being moderated!!!!

I have a 99 Rally Blue RS with an autorotor supercharger and intercooler. Yes, it is fast. No, I have not blown up my engine or tranny. Yes, it is on stock internals.

Oh, by the way, I'm selling my like-new B-Spec copper/ kevlar 6-puck clutch.

If you like your RS to shudder and shake like a dying whore, then the B-Spec clutch is for you!!! I can promise you that the B-Spec clutch will destroy your MAF sensor or your money back!

Yes, the B-Spec clutch will make your mirrors shake everytime you take off from a green light. This on-off clutch works perfectly if you rev the shit out of the engine everytime you take off. It doesn't slip!! I was told that this clutch will hold up to 400 hp and will shudder in every gear no matter how you drive it!

I am asking only $25.00 for this $384.00 clutch. What a deal!! :curse:

Thank you for a nice open forum where one can speak one's mind.....

I live in Chino Hills and criuse up the 71, 60, 91, and 15 freeways a lot. If I see you I WILL wave and beep the horn.

Kind regards, ARG
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Glad to see you like your clutch too!
take care man,
Welcome aboard - I agree with everything you had to say. :sunny:
Welcome to the board! Watch this: FUCK SHIT ASS! Bad words in all caps, and no moderation! Oh, and you really make that clutch sound great, especially for $25! Don't become a Hyundai salesman, don't want you scaring thier customers off, too! Anyways, what kind of boost are you running on that SC setup, and where did you get it for?
Glad you like it here, the only real rule is I ask for people to lay off bashing the I-Club and it's members. I don't want to start a war, you know? But other than that, if it's legal, have fun! :D
haha I didnt even realize that. This fucking rules :D

Welcome ARG,

It is good to see so many of the really oldtime members of the I-club over here. It is also good to see another believer in the supercharged way of thinking.
Welcome Al,

I had a ride in your RS-S not too long after you had it installed. I loved it.
It is a lot more fun here, and the people are nicer too.
I hardly get a reply to a post at the other place.
A very humorous post.. even if the attempt was harsh.

Welcome aboard.
Thanks for the welcome folks....

I like belonging to a website that caters to the "old" GC8 coupe body style. I noticed that the i-club pretty much forgot about the old timers once the WRX "4-DOOR" came out. :mad:

I don't know squat about the WRX except that it has 4 DOORS, it's heavy, handles like pig on lard, and it's slow. Well, slow for me :biggest:

I'm sorry but 4 doors just don't turn me on. The only exception would be the new Mazda RX8.

I have done extensive mods to my car, but to look at it you would not know it. Most of my mods are directed towards actual performance, not looks. I know of a LOT of cars that look fast, but are all show and no go.

It's funny; I have been modifying my car for over three years and have yet to get to the bottom of my mod list. The list keeps growing! :D

I bought a low mileage EJ25 short block to build but it is still sitting of the garage floor. In the works is a purpose built 350 horse supercharged package. Since I now know the pros and cons of supercharging, I feel that I can modify the existing "Rimmer" kit to make it more efficient and improve drivability.

Ok guys, later! ARG
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Got any engine bay pics of your supercharged beast? :cool:
damn the old guard appearing and not the ASS ones like Rsquire and other little bitches ...So arg still selling S/C that you personally redone?
Ya gotta love this place:biggest: Hey ARG,,,tell us how ya really feel about that clutch lol.
Rudy<< semi old guard
<<and will shudder in every gear no matter how you drive it! >>


ARG! Nice to see you here, I'm enjoying your old Hella 500s! They're even better with Yellow stars in 'em. How are the KCs treating you?
imprezadan? Your're alive?

I can't believe it! Imprezadan is still alive! I heard that you went postal after being moderated and flamed on the i-board. You took your RS to a Honduh swap meet and drove into a large group of Honduh owners at a 110 MPH, all the while screaming at the top of your lungs " All wheel drive is great! Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Ha ha ha ha!!" :D

I'm glad that the Hella's worked out for you. I bought a set of paint melting KC Titanium pencil beams. When I turn them on at night, I can see Kansas.

Good to hear from you again....

When I turn them on at night, I can see Kansas.
I was wonding what that was, knock that crap out. We're trying to sleep, it's later here than there...:curse:


Another old owner

Hey Al, how is your experiment going with the ATF in your manual tranny?

I am an old member if I-club too (member #323), and I've noticed how it has become really impersonal and commercialized the last year. With the introduction of the WRX every Tom Dick and Harry is suddenly a "Scooby Expert". I miss the old days when the I-club was about a few people helping each other out, not about who is posting in the wrong forum, and "Do a search" wasn't the standard reply to a new poster.

I've had a few really good laughs already just skimming thru some of the general posts. Keep having fun!! Don't take life (and internet clubs) too seriously!!

Wow! Where have you been?

Yeah, the synthetic ATF in the tranny was an excellent idea except that I got this loud high-pitch whine between 85-95 mph. So I either had to drive 80 mph, or 100 mph. :happynow:

So what I did was to split it 50/50. I have 50% synthetic ATF and 50% Lucas oil treatment. The tranny is perfect now.

I agree, the i-club became the WRX-club. Here I am, a member since dirt was invented, and I have some member #21,904 tell me that I'm full of shit. I joined the i-club when the only RS's around were 98's. I bought my 99 RS about a month after I joined. Hell, at 41, I'm also older than most i-club members. And before I joined the i-club, I was a member of Simon's site. I still get the digest from him.

I really like my RS....a lot. (although the new Nissan 350Z makes me drool)

Glad you have found "the ultimate RS site"

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Hi Al. I'm another old-schooler that went from Simon's Checkpoint SS2 -> i-club -> here.

Bought my '99 in October of '98. Nice to be around similar folks.

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