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new kit on the market

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OMG! one of the cleanest fabrication to this date!

damn..gotta love this!


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Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! :eek: :drool:

:burnout: :burnout:
:burnout: :burnout:
hey that is pretty nifty;xxxxx just to be twin turbo to say it and all that...just runs off the tongue
Great Googely Moogelies!!! That is sweeet! It's about damned time someone made a kit like this!

A definite two thumbs up!!

I can't wait to hear how she runs after a Shiv tweak.
O MY GOD! damnnnn that looks sweet. thats what i have been looking for.. need to updates on how she runs now.... keep us informed..:checkit:
I'll keep everyone up on what happens.... supposed to get tuned next Friday.... So we'll know pretty soon how she performs.... :D
:eek: Wow... TT RSs are gonna be popping up now.. hehe, the only thing is, does the BOV stick through the hoodscoop?
you can see it partially behind the center divider on the hood scoop... doesn't stick out though.... thank god!
Kevin, not whoring the hood. You would totally benefit from the big ass vents of the WRC hood. Let us know when he has some pricing.
Ps, I may be able to get you the photos you requested after all.
HOLY MACARONI!!! If I was wearing jeans, I would have broken the zipper when I saw that setup!:drool: Can't wait to hear what you get out of that after you get it all tuned up!
:drool: That thing is unbelievable! :drool:
the more i look at the kit, the more it reminds me of Predator.

By the end of march max

This just bew every other idea I had right out of the water.Nothing comes close.I called up Forced air and he said it is at full boost between 1800 and 2000 rpms.Thats SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the giggles right now:biggest:
:drool: i wants............but i have plans........:drool:
Awesome. Can't wait to see it.

1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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