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New here, old to i-club, have a question on resonators

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Hi all, this is my first post here cause I never get a good response from the NA forum on I-club. So welcome me the newest newbie again!! :p :happynow: .

Well I have decided that my next mods (to be ordered this week) are going to be a custom cat-back and the borla 4th generation headers (because the brullens are too pricey for me right now). So I searched to see if putting a resonator on (I want to keep the noise down some) was going to hurt the performance at all. So after reading about 10 threads I kept seeing no specific answers to the question. Can anyone tell me if the resonator will drastically hurt the performance gain?

Oh yeah and on a side note, once these are on my mods will be : larry ganz's intake, tec 2 chip, pulley set from, and the header and exhaust. And all this on my new engine with only 4K on it!! (my engine blew at 52K , the jerk who owned it before me must have mistreated it) So what can I expect for 0-60 times and 1/4 mile?
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By the way.... why does it say I have a 1.8 l near my name when I specified it was a 2.5 RS? Doh!!!

Edit: nevermind i saw the sticky :)
I have a resonator on my custom cat-back and am happy with the performance gain compared to stock. The resonator is just a perforated pipe with sound deadening material around the outside so there's nothing that will really alter the exhaust flow. I personally wouldn't run without one because the car is loud as it is, and I don't want the...uh...fuzzies...noticing the car any more than they already do.

I wish I had some real numbers, but I bet any difference a resonator makes is tough to measure.

Hope this helps. :)
Exhaust is not a major boost in power, just helps with the other breathing mods. I would suggest a resonator. You will get tired of an exhaust without one, and it will not hurt your performance.
I have a Rallispec N1, and it doesn't have a resonator. It does get loud at times. The longest I ever drove w/ my silencer out was a little over an hour on the highway, I have to say, that SUCKED! Otherwise, around town I love the exhaust, its rediculously loud!

Ripper_AWD said:
Hi all, this is my first post here cause I never get a good response from the NA forum on I-club.
Hey, I posted a good answer to this very same question over there!:curse: j/k:D
I used to run just the Stromung dual tip cat back with Stromung mid-pipe and at times it would really drone inside the cabin. Then I installed the Borla headers and the drone disappeared. During highway cruising it got quieter, but it definitely is a bit louder on take off. If I had it to do again I would do the resonator. But the sound! Oh the sound! I smacked a large piece of wood in the middle of the highway one night and cracked my Borlas. Now I'm back to stock headers and it just doesn't sound the same.
I have the dual-tip Stromung also, but the weird thing is I got the midpipe to negate the droning inside the cabin. Before with the stock midpipe (with resonator) it would drone all the time even while cruising. Now after getting the Stromung midpipe, it only drones during accleration but not during cruise.

Maybe this doesn't have to do with the resonator, probably just the diameter of the stock midpipe vs. the Stromung one.

Oh by the way, no performance difference at all (though I swear I lost a bit of torque).

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