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Hey all,

2011 WRX owner here over from ClubWRX. This is my first WRX, and since I've been very interested in these cars. I actually had a 2002 Sonic Yellow WRX Dunlop poster on my wall since, well 2002, and have loved these cars since. If you would like to check out my build, here is the link to it over at clubwrx..

nopistons93 2011 SWP hatch build thread

Anyway, I am looking to buy a <=2000 2.5RS coupe now, and have joined up to start my search/learn about them. So far, I have found a few in my area (Norfolk, VA), but nothing REALLY great. Will be crusin' these here forums looking, plus craigslist/autotrader regularly. Look forward to the community, and to joining up soon.
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