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Hello, All!

I'm Ben, I'm originally from England. I've lived in the USA for 6 years now, originally in Northern CA now in Chicago for the last year or so.

Growing up as a kid as with most people the original Colin McRae rally really started my love for the Impreza. I always wanted the special P1 that was the only official coupe available in the UK market.

Any blah blah, I was into RX-7s for the longest time (I've had 3 FC's) I sold my last one when I moved to Chicago because well, if you've ever been to Chicago you know it's no place for an FC or any rotary really. So here we are I flew out to Portland ME on Thursday and drove this 1998 2.5RS back 1,100 miles to Chicago. She needs some love and has 138,000 miles on her now and the outer bodywork is a bit beaten up, as expected for a 20+ year old. Interior could also do with a re-fresh so she will be a slow moving project for a while.

Plans are to restore the car and update to the V6 bumpers (basically going for the P1 look) and then eventually a EJ207 swap, I'll be looking into local autoX once I've got her into good shape again. I've already used this site wealth of knowledge to do some learning, so thanks to all who have contributed.

Anyway, babble over. Here she is after a full coat of scratch remover and a good wax, she pictures well from distance.



Thanks for reading,
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