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2000 2.5RS/C BRP
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Some of you more familiar with the tech side of this forum may recognize my old blue 2000 RS, with it's junkyard built 250HP supercharged 2.5:

Well, as is the way with these things (read: boosted subarus), it failed in October 2015. Now, full disclosure, it failed from my ****up, not its. Basically, I got an exhaust ticket, and I made little dampers that fit into my muffler. They worked great for highway cruising... But they added enough restriction to my exhaust to drive my boost pressure from ~7-8 to about 12PSI.

Problem was... My tune only went to 10. So without realizing it, the ECU had run the engine lean, and, well:

Well, ironically the reason I was driving the car enough to get a ticket that weekend was to go look at another car. You can PROBABLY guess what that was.

What we have here is a 1993 Audi S4, otherwise known as a "UrS4". Now, I wanted to move up in the hierarchy of cars a little- the Subaru's boy-racer status was really starting to grate on me, and it's worked- I got a warning for a speeding ticket with the cutout wide open (I accelerated too early for a speed change, d'oh!), and the exhaust wasn't even mentioned, which is undoubtedly louder than the old RS/C's.

Wait, did I say cutout? Oh yes, I did. The PO left me with some problems which I only just sorted out, but he also left me with a pre-swapped 01E six-speed, basically the strongest stock AWD 6MT in existence, a perfectly streetable stage III clutch (700HP capable), a full 3" stainless exhaust with cutout, and an LS ignition coil setup.

Not all of that might make sense, so let me explain. This little 2.2 liter, straight-5, 9.5:1 engine:

(with a higher boost chip I picked up) Should be making just about 300HP. And it's known safe for another 100.

And it does it while sounding a little like this (that popping was the busted part):

So as of right now, it (finally) sits with a happily running engine making 25PSI of boost, a lockable rear diff, heated leather seats front and rear... And that glorious, glorious sound.

But, I do still have some work to do. The suspension is gone. Rear struts are basically blown, front are close. Alignment's out because it's been lowered too far. The brakes are hilariously inadequate for it's German cruise missile 3800lb heft. The front end is tweaked from an impact who knows how long ago. The list is endless, and german-priced.

I haven't fully left JDM-land. I try to visit here every few weeks at least. The RS/C sits at my parents' place, waiting until I can get another block, but it's likely it will be sold soon after it's running again. For now, I have a luxo-barge to make luxo again!


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