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New class - Rice Street Prepared

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Would this be a new class? RSP (Rice Steet Prepared)?


1. Muffler may be replaced with coffee can or equivalent size container.
2. Tail pipe tip may be replaced with Coke can or equivalent size container.
3. Body kits must be attached with bolts that can be seen for visual inspection.
4. Wings may only be mounted at center.
5. Racing stripes allowed, primer paint color only.
6. Windshield wipers may be replaced with single wiper that must rest at angle above dash for visible inspection. Bright neon color recommended for easy sighting by corner workers.
7. Clear lenses allowed for turn signals.
8. Silver lenses allowed for rear lights. Recomended again for easy sighting by corner workers and other drivers to keep safe distance.

Notice this car is a work in progress as it doesn't yet comply with the last few rules.

P.S., what is "racer tape"?? The universal tape - duct tape?

(I can't take credit for this, Roger Fang posted this on the RM Solo list.) :D
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9. Blue headlights must be installed and in working condition at all times.
10. Neon undercar lights ('yellow' yeild extra points).
11. Windshield washer lights must be noticed if on car (again, 'yellow' yields extra points).
12. 'Type R' decals an option.
thats funny. I actually just proposed a suplementary class for Philly Region SCCA.... STP.

Street Touring Pimpin'

The rules are much like yours, but they also allow for plastic intercoolers, NA blow off valves, and calvin pissing decals.

12. 'Type R' decals an option.
My car came with those as standard equipment.

13. Roll cages are permitted so long as they provide no safety function or increase chasis rigidity.
14.Fire extinguishers are encouraged in case earlier stated plastic intercooler catches on fire
15. Aforementioned fire extinguisher must be mounted on the A-pillar, so that during an impact it will have a unimpeded line of trajectory to the occupents facial area.
16. Aftermarket rims must be large enough to allow for at least 6" clearance between the inside rim surface and the brake drum (or disc).
17. Driver of car (whether parked, or moving straight) may lean towards the drivers door or the passengers for increased weight stability.

18. Driver may sit as low to the ground and as far back to the headrest as permitted to reduce wind drag upon the face of the driver.

19. Drivers of automatics may rest right hand on gear lever as to fool other drivers/autoXers that they too are a driving badass.
20. On cars with plastic hubcaps, said hubcaps must be removed revealing black steel wheels. Said wheels must be toted as "racing" rims. Extra Points for sticker for said racing rims.
21. Seats may be bolted with the seatback attached to the floor, and the seat bottom used as the seat back, to allow driver to lay flatter lowering the center of gravity. In some cases it may look like no one is driving.

Yes, I've seen this done!
On cars with plastic hubcaps, said hubcaps must be removed revealing black steel wheels. Said wheels must be toted as "racing" rims. Extra Points for sticker for said racing rims
Or, aluminum foil may be placed over hubcaps for bling value.

Nick C.
Oh, and in lieu of blue headlights, blue magic marker over the lens will suffice.
22. chrome wiper mandatory safety feature.
23. class must be designated with kanji instead of letters.
Rules Supplemental:
The Rear Wing "must" have at least 2 steps if not three and The wing "must be as big as the whole car and mounted sturdy enough to have a wrecker hook up to it...

Cars in this class cannot have any suspension but will allow up to 3/4in travel....

The Stereo box in the back should be mounted with at least grade 8 or aircraft bolts to help with weight distribution..

Oh yeah...last thing...Persons that run this class should always greet each other with the "Beavis" sign....or in OK to have the "hook'um Horns sign":stinky:
Hey man, how many of these types ran in Asheville this past weekend? :)
oh..lets see....about..6 or 7...but they had buddies in the parking lots.....overall about 2 dozen...:boxer: :curse: :rolleyes:
lol! You guys are too much!:roflmao: :roflmao:
Hopefully at an event in the near future I'll have to compete with them for the goofiest-looking-vehicle at the autox. hehe :)
Cars in this class may use LED enhanced tailpipes, as shown below, in any color desired.


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OMG I saw one of these this morning on my way into work. It was mounted on an old altima. I thought I was seeing a reflection at first, but then I realized what it was. I can't believe there's a market for this crap.

24. Strobe lights must be mounted so that they eject from vehicle upon impact from cones.

Not sure if these were mentioned so here goes:

25: brakes can be any size but big. also, the normal rear drum may be replaced by a better cross drilled rotor cover to improve braking stability and looks during the after race bling' session.

26: If your car has a bodykit, make sure that it is not painted the same color as the car. that way they can easily see if your car is sponsored by Uncle Bens "racing & rice" and give you extra points. :biggest:

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