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Never been more giddy in my life!!!!

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so i just found out about a hour ago that the warranty company(extended) is going to warranty my motor


got a call from John over at Puente Hills Subaru who is the service writer at that dealer and told me what had happened and that by wendsday the new(used) long block should be there and installed. its supposed to be a guaranteed under 60k used but its alot better then the 109k that i had before my problems.

he said that previous owner was more likely the one who blew the head gaskets and never told the place he sold it so i never knew when i bought it. the coolant was leaking and was actually eating away at the metal, that and a piston ring had expanded and destroyed the cylinder wall. so after almost a month of having my car at another shop and then subaru i get a free motor (minus deductable=$100).i can say i am as happy as a pig in sh!t
:clap::mamoru::clap::mamoru: :clap:
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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