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95 impreza wagon
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I guess it's time I started one of these.
I've been "lurking" for a few years now and my project is pretty far underway.
Nothing extravagant but I like my lil' wagon.

I'll work on pics but for now here's a list of modifications:

ej18t 1.8 SOHC dual port phase 1
Legacy turbo crossmember
wrx fuel pump
td04 wrx turbo
Tial MV44 ewg (4.5psi)
Grimmspeed EWG uppipe
legacy turbo bracket
ebay manifold
ebay downpipe with 2 02 bung
innovative wideband
autometer boost gauge
saikou michi dual catch cans
custom 3" exhaust
05-06 wrx/fx-t TMIC
Samco Y pipe
WRX turbo inlet
Grimmspeed wastegate bracket
egr/airpump delete
GroupN engine mounts
Aeromotive FPR
SS parallel fuel lines (AN fittings welded to rails)
SS power steering lines
06 LGT PS pump with remote reservoir (toyota res)
JDM coolant tank

Exedy stage 1 organic clutch
Group N transmission Mount
Whiteline outrigger bushings
Tic shift linkage upgrade
Kartboy short shifter/pivot bushing
Kartboy front and rear bushings
Whiteline trailing arm upright bushings
GroupN rear subframe bushings
Torque Solutions dogbone

Godspeed coilovers (i know.. :( ) With BC racing rear camber plates
Whiteline camber bolts
22mm rear swaybar and wrx mounts
front wrx swaybar
TruHart adjustable lateral links
TruHart trailing arms
Whiteline steering rack bushings
Kartboy WRX front endlinks
Tic trans xmember bushings
JDM aluminum LCAs
Whiteline KCA361 anti-lift +caster LCA bushings
Whiteline W15709A LCA front inner bushings
Whiteline RCA kit KCA313(ball joints and outer tie rods)

RS front brakes
Legacy turbo rear disc brakes
SVX 1 1/16 BMC
Type RA prop valve
RS ebrake cables
SS brake lines

JDM V7 front seats
blue carpet
JDM nardi steering wheel - recovered by RedlineGoods
Custom gauge pod on v1 dash
WRX pedal box and gas pedal
Prosport Dead Pedal
STi Floor Mats

RS sideskirts
V5/6 grill
RS hood
RS bumper
HTAuto fog covers
JDM v5 rear bumper with spats
Rallispec plate bracket
ProDrive replica vent scoop

JDM GF8 roof rails
ganador mirrors
RA mudflaps Removed
Odyssey rear wiper
Morimoto D2S HID retrofit
depo amber corners
GF8 tails
outback spoilers

extended studs
JNC 010 - 17x9 +25

To be installed:

JDM rain visors

Phase 2.
Emanage ultimate with custom y harness
yellow top injectors
10psi spring
hallman MBC

Oricari front lip (pipe dream, i know)

Pic of when I first got her:

Pics of how she sits now:



95 impreza wagon
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I used the eary turbo model ones. 92? first gen.
I needed to change the rear hubs and e-brake cables.. and thats it. You have to remove that jesus bolt though so be prepared to hate life.

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2001 SRP 2.5RS/RA/SOHC Monster
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Man, I'd really like to see a pull from 0-highway speeds. TD04 on a 1.8l must be interesting. How's the external wastegate treating you? I feel like with such low boost levels that the thing would be open quite often.

95 impreza wagon
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It's a lot of fun, i love it. Obviously it isn't insanely powerful but it's great for my daily. That being said I still can't wait to get the emange/injectors in and up the boost.

Yes, the EWG is loud and open frequently - definitely the loudest thing in the car. :)

95 impreza wagon
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So this is happening.. finally ripping the manual trans out of the donor vehicle.

On a related note - I'm parting out a 2000 Outback wagon! I'll make another post for that. ;)

95 impreza wagon
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I'll snap you a pic or 2 tonight.
I think its okay, didn't really pay much attention to it.

95 impreza wagon
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So I did this today:

Pretty happy with it. Glad to be rid of the a pillar antenna.

Also this is the clutch from my donor car. I've never seen a clutch this toasted.

Hopefully it's good enough to be resurfaced

So here's a question for the wheel fitment Champs:
The wheels I'm using now are x7 +48
My goal is 17x9+15 which is an additional 58mm poke. I know people have done it with lots of fender work and a little camber. I want to stay less than - 2. But this stack up is 60mm and I'm having a hard time believing that these fenders will pull that much. Am I crazy?

Also, clutch recommendations? I'm thinking I can get away with the exedy oem. It's the 1.8l with 5psi and maayybbee I'll get it to 10psi in a few months or so. I can't imagine it'd make more than 150hp. Exedy stage 1 would be worry free but it's 2x the price and I may not need it.

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2001 SRP 2.5RS/RA/SOHC Monster
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You would absolutely hate that clutch. I can't begin to describe how terrible of a decision that would be. Honestly an OEM spec Exedy would probably be fine. If you want to be completely sure and have a significant amount of room to grow then go with the Exedy stage 1. You want a full faced disc.

Also a 6 puck that is rated at only 240 lb-ft is an absolute joke.
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