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The fuel tank also sloshes to one side when you're at wide open throttle on a corner exit. Technically speaking it's one of the worst things you can do to a subaeu (especially a turbo one) as I personally know a dozen guys who spun bearings due to oil starvation while spiritedly tossing the car into a corner.
I personally tend to go slower into a corner and fast out once the suspension has settled into the apex. But you better believe I used to beat the crap out of my cars the same way as you on turn exits and never had a problem other than fuel cut. A decade of being on here and listening to blown motor sob stories slowly convinced me to take more care of the EJ when in a turn.

The best way Ive read to fix the problem is to either install baffles in the fuel tank or upgrade to a STi tank which has baffles from the factory.

The issue could also he ANYTHING in the fiel delivery system, partially clogged line or fuel filter, FPR, etc. It'll be fine during normal driving but that 1% of the time you need the fuel it's unable to keep up in the line. My first guess would just be your typical fuel tank slosh.
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