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Need opinion on rims

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I was looking at and checked out the 17" Sport edition FOX 2 rims for the 2.5RS. They looked like pretty nice 6 spokers and they were pretty cheap too. On the other hand I'm a little concerned because they were so cheap and i'm wondering if anyone else has had experience with them. Good or suck?

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No experience, but I was thinking of getting a set of the Rota SubZeros - 17", 16.5 pounds, and various colors. Go to *dare I say it) I-Club, search the classifieds, for "Rota" and you'll see various vendors with them for sale.
They are decent wheels. There is a member Brood that is selling a set for $600 or so. He has an ad in the privates.
if you are on a tight budget, Rota Subzero (Racing Hart cp035 look alike) or Tarmac (o.z P1 replica) are your best bang for the buck wheels.
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