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Blue 2000 Subaru Impreza RS
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hey everyone,

i'm a new member here and i've been asking a few people about the things they've done to their cars so i could get some ideas myself. my subie is all stock and i'm looking to do an STI converision to it. i'm trying to look for a relatively cheap way to do this seeing as how i'm only 17 and my funds are limited. i plan on swapping out the stock engine for an STI engine along with the tranny, installing STI stock brakes, putting on some gold '05 BBS's, etc. im looking for anyone that could tell me the mods i need to make to fit all of that and give me some tips on where i could find some other materials for my cars. i plan on keeping the stock bumpers, but getting lip kits for the front and rear. as for the interior, i want blue and black (car will be STI blue with a black hood most likely) but not leather. i will need the same colors for the inside door panels and such. this will be a daily-driver so i want stuff that will last and maintain its good looks. i'm also looking for steering wheel, shifter knob, and pedal ideas as well. if anyone ha any info for me please Private Message me. be precise on the Subject Topic or i'll probably just delete the message. thanks.

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