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Need Help

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OK heres the deal...
I plan on running LEDA Coilovers on a 99 RS and I am planning on getting 22B fenders and bumpers. I want to lower the car somewhat using the Coilover adjustments. I want wheels in the style of the BBS LM in a 17x8.5 or 9 and silver but I really dont know if the offset is right and I dont really want to pay $650/wheel for the BBS LMs. So does anyone know of any wheels that are like it and would fit and could you tell me where to find them?
Thanx a bunch
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STi makes a set of wheels that are (more looks very similar to) the one on the 22b called Electra-C. These are manufactured by BBS, and the wheel retails in japan for about 600 a piece.
Thanx but where do you think i could find these wheels?
Hey thanx I like those Volk wheels and found them much cheaper thant the BBS wheels, but w/ an offset of +40 on a 17x8.5 wheel for my 22b fenders do you think it will work???
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