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We installed a set of indiglo gauges in the 98 RS so we could see them during the day with the tint and large windshield banner. We used the instrument cluster itself as a power supply, using the ACC and GND points on the film behind the cluster. All was well for a total of 3 days or about 6hrs of use. The gauges quit working and after removing the cluster, the power converter was OBVIOUSLY burnt, case cracked and epoxy boiled. Needless to say, we're a bit disappointed!:curse:

After searching for the vendor we bought these from (who's gone incidentally) I decided to ask for help from other vendors in trying to get another power converter to get the gauges going again. No luck there since they only sell the complete kits. :stupid:

I'm now determined to get something working for these gauges. What I need to know is what the voltage is going INTO the gauges. Contrary to what most vendors THINK I mean...I don't want to know what the input voltage to the converter is....that is a given.:rolleyes:

If someone could measure the voltage and current (mA) of the converter's output, I can build a circuit to get these fuckers to light up in one color and brightness and be done with it. I don't need them to be superfly and have 6different shades and brightnesses. I just need them to light up PERIOD.

If someone has broken gauges and a (known) good power converter, I would buy it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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