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JDM '96 WRX tuned
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need your help!

i own a jdm wrx (ver c - 07.1996) with ej20g with ****** cooler. i do have three problems now:
- stock turbo is gonna be dead soon;
- stock slantly cooler is all messed up and it is damn small;
- stock ecu.

what i want to do is to get a new turbo good for around 350-370hp at crank with early spool-up, install a larger tmic (so i have no lag, but nicer cooling) and try to tune the ecu by implementing a custom chip.

now the questions:
- what turbo? thought of gt28rs, but are there any bolt-on solutions for my older ej20g?
- what exactly do i have to replace above the intake manifold to install a gdb tmic?
- what to do with this older ecu? DIY, power fc, Motec? :)

any other comments are appreciated.

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1998 BMW M3
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bolt on kits are pretty old, all vf turbos will fit with slight inlet extention (put an extra 90 on the straight inlet) so vf22/23/24/27/30/34/37/39

turbo kits will for the most part bolt up for even the new age cars, intercooler is best done front mount (as the top position is pretty terrible)

power FC and larger injectors (do the math for your boost/gas octane) will be needed.
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