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Ok guys here is my dilemma,

I have the opportunity to get The Prodrive Wr suspension as well as the sti V6 suspension with relatively low mileage...

However my problem is the price:
Basically if i get the WR, i would not be able to upgrade the top mounts to group n ones, and get my fender braces.
Although it IS rebuild able and could end up saving me some cash in the long run.

But with the V6 setup i will have some extra cash to buy other things (such as the ones above) and come out a tad cheaper.

Now i know that the majority if not all will say go for the WR's but would the V6 be a good and proper compromise with all the added bits?


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The WRs don't have spring rates high enough to really receive any benefit from stiffer top mounts.

I really wouldn't mess with stiffer top mounts until you get north of 250lb spring rates.

You won't really find better dampers than those Bilsteins for the $$ though...unless you decided to build up a Koni setup...

-- Dave
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