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needs more cowbell
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I've been trying to diagnose a noise that only happens once I've been driving at highway speeds for long enough to "warm up" whatever is causing the noise. I thought maybe the washer/pads on the two outer ends of the differential support "T" were on the wrong side so I switched them to the top. (An old pic I had looked like they were on the top) It actually seemed to almost cure the noise but its still there a little so maybe I installed something else incorrectly or I forgot a few washers or something.

The reason I need to see the diagram is to verify:
-how many of those huge washer/pads are on each side of the "T" support or which side they go on (top or bottom), and
-how many of those small washer/pads go on the crossmember

I saw the parts diagram somwhere but haven't been able to find it. I'm going to keep trying different year models on but it would be great if someone already knew. Thanks for looking
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