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This is my 91 year old grand mothers car, she stopped driving last month.

No accidents and it appears as though there is no body rust. No bubbling in the paint anywhere but there is a small dent in the hood, a decent sized one on the trunk and 2 big scrapes down the rear bumper(like someone dragged something out of the trunk?) and pretty regular exterior blemishes for a car this age.

97k miles
2.5literblack leather in really good shape and have been offered a decent amount for this aloneharman/kardon speakersgarage kept
It has a PA inspection good until september 2021

i dont think the timing belt has been done, her husband died last year and she has no clue

power steering makes a lot of squeaking if you turning the wheel and not moving. sound goes away completely when the car is going any speed.

there is a small crack in the center of the dash like someone sticky mounted gps or something and when they pulled it up it made a rip a few inches long. its flat but noticable


Comes with decent snow tires already mounted and a set of basically brand new all seasons

The stuff in the passenger seat is her seat cushions and cane and religious paper work. none of it is gross trash and can be cleaned out in a couple minutes.

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