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NATIONAL MEET at the DRAGON... May 17-19! Come with us!

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Greetings everyone!

The SOUTHEAST forum is hosting what we hope will be the largest Subaru meet of all time, on what we consider to be the best driving road of all time.

This event is being held May 17-19 at Deal's Gap, NC, very close to Knoxville, TN. The DRAGON links Fontana Village, NC with the countryside near Maryville, TN. We are renting cabins in bulk at Fontana Village, and a bonfire and GT3 iLink tournament are planned. Mischief is encouraged! :devil:

Come visit the OFFICIAL THREAD and say hello!

i-Club Official Thread - Primary Info

RSclub Official Thread - Secondary Info

We hope to see you there! :D
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Here's a map of the Dragon itself. 318 turns in 11 miles! We had great fun there last year with 30+ cars, we hope to have closer to 100 Subies this year.

Check the official thread on iClub for more info!

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Any Subaru fan who doesn't come to this event will be really missing out. The road is extemely enjoyable, no matter what speed you take it at, and the evenings will be fantastic. Last year we sat around fires and talked, drank, created loads of BS and in general had a fabulous time. I think everyone enjoyed it except for that green chair that somehow ended up in the fire.

I hope to see everyone one of you there.
I'll bring another green chair to burn...1st RS club tradition?
I cant wait for this!
i thought this was supposed to be May 5-6 or something like that. i'm not sure, but i think i won't be able to make it on these new dates :(

I am mirroring on Chkltcow's server as well so we can split the load a bit.

The signup dialog and database will be up in a few weeks.

Questions or comments on the web site can be directed to [email protected].
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Damn that website looks great, but there are very few pictures of Red Imprezas. Oh wait, that is because I was the only one there last year. This year we need more reds. And every other color too. Cmon folks, this thing will be one of the best times you have ever had with a group of car people.
This dragan things sounds very interesting. I would love to do something like that. I love the outdoors, camping and playing around with my scooby. If my school permits I may come out and see what it is all about. I do have one question though. I was looking at the pics and it look like a big guys fest, are girls even welcome? Let me know and I am being serious. I would not want to go to something that I am not welcomed at.

My fiance will be there in her OBS, Porter's GF will probably be there. I believe Angel is coming down with her RS. Last year, Impreza Vixine from the I club was there. Yes, girls are more than welcome, and we would like to see more of them. Subaru enthusiasts aren't all male, and we want the turnouts at the meets to prove it. Now we just need to get Little Miss WRX to fly over (preferrably with her car, hehehe) and show how dedicated women can be to the Subaru community.
Thanks Templar that does make me feel better. If I came I will be alone and I just did not want to get myself in a bad situation. I will do what I can to come and see what this is all about. Hope to see you all there.

We hope to have quite a few women there this year. Hopefully Impreza Vixen will make it again, plus any assorted significant others or spouses of the many "attached" guys in the region.

We will have quite a few non-driving activities planned, such as the cookout, a bonfire, etc. so hopefully guests who aren't driving fanatics will also have a fun time.
Damn.. I wish I could go. :(
I'm trying to work it out to go. (damn gotta ask for time off at my new job...) Hey Templar, can I pick up my S/C then and save on shipping? I should have the money by then.
Talk Little Miss WRX into flying over and she can just hijack my friend Ben's Impreza. :D I've tried and tried to talk him into coming, but he just doesn't seem interested. I've tried to talk him into driving AutoX next season too, but he won't do that either. Lousy bastid ;)

Yeah we can do it that way. There has already been some talk about doing one install on Friday night. The supercharger itself won't really be a problem, but the electronics might be a bit of a pain to deal with in the dark. Hopefully I will be able to hook it all up pretty quickly by then, but we will have to see.
I doubt I will want to install it then, I've only ben to the Dragon twice in a car, and don't want to add a whole new dimension of speed to it yet.
A supercharger install up at the Dragon? That's Cahones! I heard you changed the platform, how's it going so far, Kent?

Oh yeah the Dragon rocks! Last year was a real blast and all that. Nothing I say hasn't already been said. But really though, the best part is actually getting to hang around other Subaru peoples. See you there because rain, snow, or shine I'll be there!

Littlepest, my girlfriend should be coming so there's at least one more woman. It isn't we discourage women from going in any way but (trying not to sound like a sexist Pig) from my own personal experience, guys are more into cars. I hope all Subaru drivers feel welcome at this event.

Thanks guys for making me feel welcome. Like I said I just did not want to get myself in a bad situation which I have done before.
Subaruza I do agree with you, it is mostly guys who are into cars but what can I say I am not your normal girl. Never have been. I an not into the prissy things and I am far from being what most people call a girly girl. But anyway. I will do my best to show up. It sounds like a blast and it would be nice to meet other RS owners. Unfortunately there are not many around Kentucky. I am into learning all I can from others. So see you all then.

Well, my GF will be there with her BMW E30 convertible, and she'll be wringing it out on the Dragon with the top down and her driving gloves on. Watching her get the back end of the Bimmer loose in a corner and then drive out of it under power warms my heart.... :sunny: :D :biggest:

She's not a girly girl either... :drool:
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