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ok so heres a quick list of what im going to be running on my rs..some leftovers from my sti monster.

sti piston rods:
twe stage 3 cams:
big self ported exhuast ports to header:
freshly honed phase 2 block:
stock crank re journaled:
cosworth bearings:main and rod:
acl piston rings
e-manage ultimate:
550cc 2007 sti injectors
stock sti fuel pump.
garret gt30r or either a t3/t04e
cometic headgaskets: Chiime in please a good size one
turbo xs rotated fmic and uppipe dp blow through maf
turboxs rfl
wrx stock header:
wrx oil pump
wrx waterpump
wrx oil pan:
tapped oil and water feed lines stainless steel braided:
custom notched: re-enforced crossmember you have to see the blueprint to believe it.

all getting mated to a 05wrx trans back with stage 2 clutch of somesort dunno yet. doing they parallel fuel line mod also.

think that is it besides some oem gaskets..please chime in as for right now i have about 95% of whats listed above. just about to start my build on my sti..ill post up more on that later :)if you think im missing something please tell me..thanks -cheers
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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