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My TEINS are making som bad noises!

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Whats up yall,
I have a set of Teain Type Ha with the plates!
I have some squeaking coming from my front left strut?
Ever time the shock compresses even when i push down on it squeaky squeaky squeak!:curse:

Very clean and i sprayed the shaft pwith silicon and made sure no gravel or anything was effecting that shaft! It sounds like my springsor the strut>??? Is it blown??

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I think it has something to do with the springs, but I can't remember what.
jack up the front of your car, and check for struts' " free play" when the tires are off the ground. if one side is blown, it will hang lower than the normal.

My car is also equiped with tein HA w/ pillow mounts, and it does make squeaking noise when the road surface is rough. but i know the noise is coming from the stiff pillow mounts.
Well I found the noise!!
It is the treads are showing wear and tear from the helper spring and main spring plate!! ( where the helper spring & main spring connect as one!) Both fronts are doing it!

The Front left is worse!

Richie:curse: :curse:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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