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1999 Impreza L
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I bought this car THINKING is was a real 2.5rs. Put money into it just to find out after instead of being a “clean title 2001 2.5rs” it’s really a salvaged title 95 Impreza L (GIGANTIC FUCK YOU to the guys who sold it to me claiming he had no idea the vins were switched) she’s a lesson to say the least. Don’t get too excited when buying a car. Do your research and check ALL the vins. Not just the easy to see ones. Forgot to mention she’s fucking register as a 2001 but the fucking car has no OBD2. So how will it ever pass smog 🙃
Just put some fresh tires on it and ordered some new rotors and pads as well. (I’ve been driving it to work since I got it back from the motor swap so I need it to stop so I don’t die in a crash) lol.
Looking for a clean body I can swap everything over to and junk this one.
Last time I checked, that was a felony. You could just report them.
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