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so a few of you may remember my last problem with hesitation and bogging that I am convinced will be fixed by an o2 sensor.

so here we go.

last night I went to change the o2 sensor and couldn't get the damned thing out of the engine, I was under the car for 3 hours and finally figured that maybe it would be easier to take the headers off and try to get to the sensor that way. I managed to get the headers (borla replicas) off and of course got to the o2 sensor, but couldn't get it off. finally I said screw it, and put it back together, but when I started it, it sounded like a muscle car. obviously there was an exhaust leak. I looked and apparently forgot one of the bolts on the headers.

Now my question is:
A) what size is the bolt to attach the headers to the manifold/head? and
B) how did you guys get the front o2 sensor out?

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I use an 02 socket that has a hex head on the end and I have a big ass wrench that fits it perfect.
I can wedge the socket up there and the wrench just barely clears but its enough to break it loose and then thread it out by hand.

also spray any stubborn bolts down with PB Blaster.
That stuff kicks arse.

And I believe the CORRECT bolt is a 14mm 1.25 pitch.
Mt header bolts were studs with nuts from the factory and on the pass side the studs pulled out when I took the oem headers off so I replaced that side with stainless bolts.
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