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My New RS-T

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Just got it out of the fabrication shop today! I was so nervous when I started the car, but she fired right up and is running great.

I went with the Legacy Turbo setup, though it would be fair to call it nearly all custom. I would say I probably spent around 30 hours under the hood, as there were many suprises and lessons to be learned.


-RalliSpec TMIC
-GReddy Type-S BOV
-Legacy RHB5 VF11 turbo @ 5 psi (though I have yet to see this much boost )
-iSR oil feed line, banjo bolt for return
-Vortech FMU w/6:1 plate, though not completely setup yet
-Walbro 255 LPH HP pump
-WRX turbo-back exhaust w/Stromung single tip (axle back)
-GReddy White Face EGT, Fuel Pressure, and Boost
-J&S Knock Sensor (not installed yet)
-Legacy Uppipe w/custom 20mm spacer to clear heads
-K&N Cone Filter
-WRX OEM Downpipe

I'm sure to be forgetting something, but you get the basic jist. The Legacy Turbo and the RalliSpec TMIC did NOT want to go together, so I had to clock the turbo counter-clockwise about 150 degree's, then I had a custom charge pipe made from there. Also, due to the fact that the Legacy Turbo has a 90 bend for the intake that points stright towards the hood, the flange had to be cut and rotated so that it faces the firewall. Again, I had to have a custom pipe made from the intake of the turbo to the cone filter.
Right now my newly mounted front O2 sensor isn't connected, though I don't think it matters? (Located about 3 inches downstream of downpipe)

Didn't get any leaks or overheating, as I have barely gotten on the throttle (most I have seen is about 3 psi, and a quarter throttle). My FMU with the 6:1 has all the fuel lines connected, but the little vaccum line running off the top of it isn't. Blaster told me to connect this line to the BOV or intake manifold, but my friend and also the guy who did the fab work said the line coming out of the BOV has to be connected to something that see's manifold pressure, is this right? Right now my FMU isn't raising any fuel pressure, so if anyone knows anything about this I would appreciate it.

No problems with the oil feed/return, though I am still a LITTLE skeptical of the banjo bolt return, but I see no immediate problems with it. I do have an oil catch can, though I have NO idea where it should go and between which lines.

Sorry, no pictures yet, but hopefully I will have some soon. Please feel free to help me figure out my small problems with the car right now.

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Nice! I've been waiting to see the end results. Hey, the big images are broken - can you fix them?
James, the pics look fine when I pull them up, but I'll see what I can do.

The big pics work for me also.

Very nice looking. How much did this cost, for everything??
Pictures working on my end. Looks good :)
The total for everything was a little more than some of the others that went the Legacy route. I initially paid $1300 for all the Legacy parts, then $650 for my intercooler and BOV, $120 for my turbo back exhaust, $400 for my J&S Knock Sensor, $600 for fabrication work (custom intake piping for this setup due to the fact that the turbo and intercooler didn't like where eachother were located), $450 for all my gauges, $650 for the cluch installed though not a complete necessity, and around $200 for miscellaneous stuff.

It was quite a bit more expensive than I originally presumed, though its pretty neat to look in the engine and see "Subaru" on the turbo parts. My friend, Alan (Subie Tech), me, and my brother did the install. The car was down for three weeks, had to have it towed 5 different occasions, and completely missed my car. :(
Oh yah, I had a race shop do the fabrication work.

Its mostly finished now, with the exception of the J&S Knock Sensor. Its running fine, though I have yet to see more than 2-3 psi on the boost gauge. It already feels faster, but I have only been about 1/4 of the way into the throttle, so I am still waiting to see how it REALLY performs.

I'm happy answering questions so feel free......:)

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when did u get the rallispec intercooler, did u buy it new from rallispec? or pick it up from a classified?
hey graham, guess who this is

guess what i found at the bottom of my Misc parts bin, yep, 2 T's that look to be the correct size for your line, so ill bring them tomorrow, since we get out @ 1
grr. must...start...looking for turbo build...faster car...why oh WHY did i ride in your car? :D

modded 1.8 + turbo - the weight (and traction) of AWD + better drivetrain efficiency = ?

i'm guessing it won't be much off the line unless i want to burn through tires like candy, but once it's under way, it's only got 2400lb to drag...and i KNOW i can trim that down. :D should be interesting, no? heheh...

i would also think that losing the instantaneous hook-up of AWD would relieve some of the stress on the tranny...hmm...the thought of building a FWD bastard turbo impreza sounds more attractive...
Adam, I think your right, it was a mistake riding in my car. :biggest:

Same thing happened to me when I rode in Kacy's car. I just said to myself, "man I gotta have one of these!".

Don't worry though, we'll get you running boost soon enough, and you've got some awesome techs to throw in some words of advice. ;)

Patterson- Don't worry man, I bought some of those T's as a hardware store today, but thanks anyway.:)

Well, just got the front O2 sensor hooked up and the car seems to be running better, but I still have that pesky check engine light.
I'll keep it updated.

Graham said:
James, the pics look fine when I pull them up, but I'll see what I can do.

Okay, they work when I am at home, so it much be the crappy connection I have at work. No worries!
Well, just to give an update on the car, its running REALLY well now but still has some tuning to be done. I am finally starting to see what the new power can do and it is impressive.

Initially, I was only seeng about .3 BAR (2-3 psi) on my Boost Gauge, but after visiting with the race shop who did the fabrication a little while ago, I think I found the problem. Where my boost gauge is connected (vaccum line running from the stock FPR to the back side of the intake manifold, just tapped with a T fitting) I found that some of the connections were quite loose and probably not holding the pressure under boost, thus causing a bleed off of pressure and reading smaller than should be figures on the gauge. I'm gonne tighten these connections up with some tie straps and see what happens.

The engine has been revved past 5500 RPM and there are NO signs of detonation. I still have yet to hook up the J&S Knock Sensor, so right now I am running on 100 octane fuel.

The highest pressure I have seen on the fuel pressure gauge is 3.5 BAR (51 psi), so I am still stumped on why I am not seeing any rise in pressure due to the RRFPR (it is hooked up right :) ). I might take it apart just to make sure there is a plate in it, though I don't know why there wouldn't be. :rolleyes:

Got the front O2 sensor hooked up (tapped and welded three inches downstream of the downpipe) and the check engine light went away! :biggest:

Other than this, the car is running fine and hopefully I can get her tuned better soon.

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Graham said:
Adam, I think your right, it was a mistake riding in my car. :biggest:

Same thing happened to me when I rode in Kacy's car. I just said to myself, "man I gotta have one of these!".

Don't worry though, we'll get you running boost soon enough, and you've got some awesome techs to throw in some words of advice. ;)
well, i just found out from the bank how much $$$ i have to spend on this "little" project. :biggest: heheh...if i build a kit and keep the cost down, i could still have enough left over to throw coil-overs on the car. heheheh...

now comes lots and lots of planning...
Well Adam, now you just need to start ordering some parts man.

As far as my car, I saw 5 psi in 4th and 5th gear yesterday, and only around 3.5 psi in 1st-3rd gear. I think that I need to buy an adjustable wastegate so that I can get a more flat boost curve on all the gears. I think that it would be a heck of a lot faster if I was making the 5 psi in 1st-3rd, but right now its pulling super hard and is doing awesome.

yeah, i'm looking at the parts list on subachad's site, and wondering what else i'd need to make that setup REALLY sweet, and get it up and running ASAP once i decide to do it. you guys need to help me! aaaaaaa! :D i'm going crazy...contemplating all these different possibilities. i know, it's a really BAD position to be in... :lol:

i tried to talk myself out of it by diverting the funds towards awesome suspension and a proper front end or just dropping a 2.5 in my car, but i don't think it's gonna stick...the thought of building a 2400lb FWD rocket sled of a sleeper subaru is too much... :drool:

so i've started a thread here for assistance. :D
Hey Graham,

What kind of wastegate are you running? I am running a Tial. I have noticed with my Ludespeed set up that I am getting very little boost in 1st gear. Then in 2nd- 5th gear I get much more. Spikes up to 6. It feels a bit sluggish on spool up becaus of a HUGE exhaust leak before my wastegate. I have to order up a couple more gaskets from Tial. Other than that I get a bit of pinging in 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear at over 5000 rpm. It pulls the pants off your ass. There is so much power the damn stock clutch can't handle it. NEED new clutch bad... Man the 100 mph mark comes up fast as hell now. Still not sure just how the Greddy Type S BOV is suppose to sound. Just like your pics, I didn't hook up the second smaller nipple. Let me know how the J&S works on your car. I have one on order at the moment. Good luck, and happy boosting...

how's the turbo going graham?

any updates, pictures?? I saw you at the YMCA by the TD Waterhouse Center BTW.
Yah Kevin, I play tennis over there for my school, to damn cheap to buy their own courts. Anyway, the car is running really well, except for when I try to start the thing. I have a J&S Knock Sensor as well as an Apex ITC, so I think I am getting some mixed igintion signals. Right now, I think my next list of mods is going to be a programmable ECU, probably the Link 2, so my car should get some horsepower out of that.

How are you doing with your setup? You should be done soon right?

Turbo setup is being delayed

I'm broke as hell right now, but i'm looking to get it finished over the summer....have to finish Valencia and get into ucf in the that means less work and more studying.

I only have a couple things left anyway:

---exhaust manifold

I will see you soon though. How is that word doc coming along for the fuel rail mod you did?

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