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my new home

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i'm finally done with that waste of bandwith i-club
my car got called a piece of shit yet again
i'm done with that place

just a bunch of dumb ass sheep
can't help it i don't want to fit the certain i-club mold of how my car should look

i think i'll go around in every forum and add my dumbass replies to everything like every wrx member over 10k thinks they can

i remember how nice a place it used to be like a year ago
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You're always more than welcome here... even when I am having a bad day I doubt I'll give you shit about your car. :p
and im still the slowest subbie on the planet,
but the most colorful :p
everything that happened in tristate in the last few days crossed the line
having my friend come crying to me over what some tristaters said about her just crossed a line with me
you finally realized it?
that's why my posts there have dropped considerably in the past few weeks. the place is not worth it

get bunny here too.
I have a legacy, Therefore my ideas don't mean anything over yonder.
i'll see if she'll come over here
Your car is a POS!!!!!

A Piece Of Sugary sweetness! With bad headlight bulbs of course. ;)

2.5RSs RULE! :)
she's on her way, i gave her the link
woohoo :)
especially when it's bunny :D
I mean this honestly when I say this, that I really think they should rename it the WRX-club, since that's where it's going, and if you ask most people there, they "don't have an impreza." They have the "new" WRX. (woof woof, it's STILL an Impreza WRX like it has been for years all over the world except America):rolleyes:
I've actually noticed that in certain areas of the board the i-club calls itself "the new-age impreza club". Hmmm.... interesting.
Actually tried i-club last week... registered and all and haven't gone back to it after making a single post. Funny also how the scooby of the week hasn't changed yet... :rolleyes:
Well as you know I fought very hard for her, and against backstabbers everywhere.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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