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I bought this car April of '07 after selling my '05 STi with the idea of building something just as fast/fun but for less money and cheaper on insurance. Its been just about a year later and shes almost ready to come back out. No its not swapped just yet but all in due time.....

Mod List

Whiteline ALK
Whiteline 22mm N/A Front Sway Bar
Whiteline 24mm WRX Rear Sway Bar
Whiteline Heavy Duty Rear Sway Mounts
Whiteline Front & Rear Sway Bar Endlinks
Whiteline Lateral Links
Whiteline Rear Strut Tower Bar
Whiteline Front Roll Center Adj Kit
Whiteline Rear Toe Lock Out Kit
Rota Boost 17x8 +48
Tein Front Strut Bar
ARP Extended Wheel Studs all around
'05 STi Brake Booster & MC
Wilwood 6/4 Pot Brake Kit
STi Group N Rear Crossmember Bushings
ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid
New Ebrake Pads
STi Lower Control Arm
Super Pro GC Lower Control Arm Bushing
Super Pro Front & Rear Trailing Arm Bushing
New OEM Hardware
BC Racing Coilovers
OEM Rack & Pinion
Hankook K104's 245/40/17
MRT Master Cylinder Brace

Techna-Fit SS Clutch Line
Super Pro Rear Diff Support Bushings
Super Pro Rear Diff Bushings
Kartboy Trans Crossmember Bushings
Drive Shaft Shop Alum Drive Shaft
ACT Heavy Duty Clutch Kit
Fidanza Flywheel
Cusco Motor/ Trans Mount Kit
Kartboy Short Shifter
Kartboy Front & Rear Shifter Bushings
TIC Shift Linkage Update
TIC Shifter Pivot Bushing
Ixiz Concept Race Pitch Stop
OEM Clutch Slave
New Axels all around

STi Radiator Cap
Kartboy Battery Tie Down
New gaskets, pumps, belts, seals on the "new" RS motor
Perrin Crank Pulley
Borla Headers
Kartboy Exhaust Hangers
AEM Intake
Braille Battery
'08 Subaru Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
OEM Battery Cable
Stromung Cat-Back
Walbro Fuel Pump

Splash Sports Steering Hub
Sparco Steering Wheel (Off my old 240sx)
WRX Pedals
STi Spec C Shift Knob
Shifter extender


Wingless Trunk
Subaru License Plate Bracket
Osram Headlight Bulbs
McColluch HID's in the Fog Lights
EBay STi Fog Light Covers
JDM Tail & Corner Lights
EBay Clear Side Markers
Tein Hood Dampers


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New Rear

Factory Brakes FTL!

Test fitting new wheels

Pulled the original damaged RS motor & trans and replaced with ones that had lower miles

'New motor' getting prepped

STi style manifold

Motor is in!

Rear brakes and coilovers installed

New drive shaft

Wiring the HID's in the fogs & moving the Hellas for the oil cooler to come

Interior shot

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It wasn't that bad $476 including shipping DSS is on the east coast in the carolinas. Fits with USDM OR JDM GC drivetrain. But another company has recently made one in CF it looks pretty pimp. I'm hoping to have the CF one when I'm ready to get a swap from ECS.

Hey can you tell Paul I got the 2.5rs motor running

Nice driveshaft man, how much did that set you back?

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So the new fuel pump came tonite (wow its loud) and I popped it in and went to go start the car. It ran like crap....I played with it for a while and I found that the distributor was jacked up, luckily I had a spare. So the car now runs!! AGAIN!!! I do have a small leak coming out of the coolant pipe on the top of the block so I'm going to reseal it tomorrow. She's soooo close!! MC rebuild kit comes in on fri, I still need to adjust ride height, get the horns working, alignment and fender pull. Trying to get it all done by Sat nite so I can do a little parking lot pimpin. I went for a lil test drive Enough talk, all you guys really want are some pics!

**I will be at Edgewater next Wednesday!!**



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Been away for a while but here are some more recent pics.

09.18.08 - Fuddrucker's Meet

10.05.08 - Chatterbox/ Hawks Nest Meet (my friend posted up on my car, I'm the guy in camo shorts)

10.19.08 - Free track day at etown!

Chasing down a slow 350z!


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you have no rubbing issues?


Those wheels look extra mean.
After pulling/ mauling the fenders I did. The front was too low and rears still managed to rub on the bumber in hard turns. Right before the track day I raised the front end a 1/2 inch and after going around the track the rears rubbed on the bumper a bit. I could have set the rear shocks to full stiff but I dont want to run full stiff everytime I take it to a track I want to be able to have room to adjust it to the track conditions. So I'm going to raise the rear by a 1/4 of an inch tonite. I'll post results after saturday's auto-x. So after tonight's adjustments the front drop is 1/2" and the rear 1/4".
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