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1999 Impreza 2.5RS "RuSTI"
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I decided to properly lay out a history of my ownership of this perpetual money drain that I call Rusti. This is my first car, and while it was a damn fun one, it was probably the stupidest purchase I've ever made, as it only ran for about 6 months. In december of my senior year of high school the rear main on the engine gave out and the motor played internal ping pong letting go just as I made it home.
In the following weeks I attempted to put another motor in it, only to have that one blow the head-gaskets on the second start. So, the vehicle sat, until this summer (Summer 2020), I made my decision, and with the money I had left over after buying my new to me Sierra, I pulled a motor and decided I was going to re-gasket it and make this thing run.
I pulled a motor out of an outback that had been trashed in an accident and judging by the parts that were on it was having some considerable cash being put in to keeping it running top. I starter rebuilding the motor which appeared to still be on its original Single layer steel head gaskets. Into this motor I heavily cleaned everything I could, did the timing, new head-gaskets, every gasket and sensor on this engine replaced, I did everything short of replacing the rod&crank bearings and replacing the valves, and it was this that would bite me in the ass.
After making my final checks (ensuring oil was moving well, fuel pressure good, etc. I took the car out for the first drive since the motor gave out in December of 2018, and it was great, I'd forgotten just how much I had missed driving this car, but all was not well, on my first whole shot away from a stoplight it suddenly felt like it lost power and was struggling to run, I limped it to the parking lot of my work and shut it off hoping that even if I'd done some damage I'd be able to let it cool off and limp it home, but this was the last time it would run, I had it towed home that night, and the next morning when I was ready the face the fact that yet another motor I'd tired to put in this car had died. My hope was that I'd messed up the timing and dropped the valves, as getting heads from the junkyard was nowhere near difficult, but my hopes were crushed when I attempted to turn the engine over and was unable to get it to budge, even with a 4.5 foot cheater on the end of my ratchet, It had spun a bearing, and was locked up good. This car was just never gonna let me drive it. (Want to watch this disaster unfold? The RuSTI Project)


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