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I made this for my '97 Outback sport..

So far the mods are VERY limited, but soon to have all kinds of glorious crap!

So far..

2 1/4" custom catback with a Cherry Bomb muffler w/stock look
MAF adapter and cone filter (removed due to bogging issues)
Currently only a K&N drop-in filter being used.

Lots more to come

Debadged except for SUBARU on trunk and rivited on dealer tag
2003 WRX wheels

Sony CD player
B&M shift knob

So far I have had bad luck with my front axle's, I have had to replace them both since I bought the car on Feb. 14 2008.

And I'm currently running Bridgestone Potenza RE960 pole positions in 205/55/16.. really good tire!(not pictured)

I will Update this as it comes..
Odometer as of 11/24- 80,334

Update: 5/24/09..
I was looking online at Sti's in my area and found one I liked. went down to the dealership and ended up leaving with it. They only wanted to give me $2700 trade on the OBS. I decided to keep it and sell it privately. So I put my OBS up for sale and within 3 weeks it was gone for $5000. It had 83,450 on the clock when she rolled away. I did sell it to a pretty cool guy who seemed as if he really liked the car and was going to take good care of her. I will miss the little red OBS.

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Looks good.

How do you like the tires (details and stuff)? I'm looking into getting some from the dealer with my Subaru Bucks saved up (yeah, they cost more from there, but the Subaru Bucks are cash back from using the credit card). They probably have those.

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The tires are alot better than the re92's that subaru has been putting on their cars for I think like 6 years now.. they're alot stickier but that comes at the cost of noise. they don't squeal, they low pitch squak. Its a pretty loud "scrubbing" sound when your pushing them. they do awesome in the rain. I will update on the snow & snow drifting capabilities soon. Can't wait for those first flakes!

As for wheels, I actually just got these on in July? I think... But I do plan on getting some 17"s here in a few months.. The Wrx wheels will likely find a home on my '90 legacy shortly therafter
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