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Mustang GTR?!?

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I was just up in Seattle this past weekend, and on the way back to Portland, out near Tacoma, I think, I got passed on the freeway by a late-model Mustang with a Nissan Skyline GTR emblem on the front fender. You know, the one with the GT on top of the big red R. Anybody seen this guy before?
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Hahaha.. Nope. Haven't seen him before.

Hope you were careful. Sunday I drove through and saw almost 30 cops on my trip. Quick brake-work saved me from an 80+ in a 60.
Oh, yeah, I was careful. When you have out of State plates, they will look for any reason to pull you over, since they figure you won't come back to court to get it reduced. But that finally gave me the incentive I neede to change my burt out headlight! I noticed it was out about 3k miles ago, but I'm sure it was out before I noticed. Even had a spare bulb in the garage, I'm just too lazy to go through all the effort of swapping bulbs:D
Dang. That's pathetic man. I carry spare bulbs in the trunk, and replace them when I first notice they've burned out. I'm just a tad anal about being able to see though. :p
You know, I never had a problem seeing with it out, and I drive at night all the time. I always have my foglights on, so I guess that gave enough fill light that the burned out headlight didn't show. The only way I noticed the light was out was when I went to the dealership to get an oil change, and when the pulled it into the bay, I saw the one out. If I hadn't been looking, I may never have noticed.
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