I run the parts business Owl's Ultra, and I thought I could provide this community of some of the more niche items I had. I am not separating any of the kits. Please PM me for PayPal info, and thank you for shopping and buying!

ACT HD SS 'Stage 2' Clutch kit:
Includes Pressure Plate and disc.

Automotive tire Rim Circle Automotive wheel system Auto part

Auto part Circle Fashion accessory Metal Titanium

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Font Circle Auto part Gas Automotive wheel system

Competition Clutch lightweight flywheel:
Includes throwout bearing.
Automotive tire Rim Automotive wheel system Auto part Circle

Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Gear Automotive wheel system

Zero miles on all. Light yellow paint flaking and surface rust from ACT clutch parts being in storage for 4 years. Attempted install but pressure plate does not mate with 1993 trans snout - Please confirm part numbers with me. This is a perfect 'medium weight' feeling clutch setup for a swapped car or a Turbo build, provided it bolts to the correct trans.
*$350 shipped for the ACT pressure plate and disc.

*$200 shipped for the Competition Clutch lightweight flywheel.

*Accepting best offers for all the clutch parts together.

Kartboy / Prothane / Energy Suspension multiple brands (incomplete) urethane kit:

Font Wood Auto part Metal Automotive wheel system

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Includes Kartboy urethane/ rear lockdown bolts/ 5 speed mount, group n pitch stop with urethane inserts, Paranoid Fab exhaust hangers, and Energy Suspension installation instructions.
$240 shipped, due to the 'incomplete' nature of this kit - Also accepting best offers.

GF8 STi Mudflaps (used):

Includes metal brackets.

Wood Rectangle Font Red Gas

Authentic, missing one flap.
$100 shipped, due to the nature of these - Also accepting best offers.